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  • Win at Snetterton!

    Win at Snetterton!

    Posted 26/07/2016

    A huge congratulations to Andrew Keith-Lucas on his win this weekend in the AMOC 50’s Sports cars/XK Challenge. Driving the well known CKL prepared XK120, THS 120. Andrew started the race in 4th position, pushing the car to the...

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  • Engine shop is up to speed

    Engine shop is up to speed

    Posted 12/02/2016

    Our dedicated engine shop is producing fantastic results. Whether it’s a very early road car undergoing concours restoration, or an alloy-block, wide-angle-head engine ready to win, we are the people to speak to. From a refresh to a full...

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  • Blackbird visit CKL

    Blackbird visit CKL

    Posted 11/12/2015

    We were visited recently by our friends from Hong Kong, motorsport enthusiasts Blackbird to have a look around and do some filming down here in Battle.


    They’ve made this lovely short film of our own Chris Keith-Lucas discussing three of...

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  • XKSS tested by Andrew Frankel

    XKSS tested by Andrew Frankel

    Posted 09/02/2015

    The newly restored XKSS 701 was tested at Goodwood last week by Andrew Frankel and he shares his...

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