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Flat Iron Lister

"Flat Iron" Lister

The Car

“The flat-iron Lister-Jaguar – as ‘HCH 736’ became known – is perhaps the most famous of the non-works/non-Cunningham team cars. As ‘the other Lister-Jaguar’ run concurrently with the works’ famous first prototype that was driven by Archie Scott-Brown through 1958, it was the Dick Walsh-run car which Bruce Halford and Brian Naylor drove at Le Mans, and then in 1959 became the Scottish Border Reivers’ team’s entry most notably for the youthful Jim Clark, and in which the World’s greatest racing driver first developed so much of his supreme skill. Partly because it has been unused for so very many years it has re-emerged as an extremely important, truly historic sports-racing car, and its Clark connection gives it almost iconic status.” Doug Nye

Over the years, hard racing, repairs and modifications had taken their toll and when new owner Steve Brooks bought the car in 2013, he decided that nothing less than a total rebuild was required.

Our process

Our brief was to complete a full restoration, putting the car back into its’ most iconic early specification, retaining all of its’ originality and prepare it to compete in Historic Racing.

Meticulous research, unearthing all of the known photographs, drawings and technical information preceded the start of the rebuild which began by completely stripping and disassembling the car.

Thousands of hours of painstaking work went into the project. Returning the body to its’ purest form, the engine, gearbox and differential were rebuilt to full CKL race specification and the car re-assembled with the utmost care.

The result

Following a thorough program of testing, the Flat-Iron made its post-restoration race debut at the Le Mans Classic in 2014 in the hands of owner Steve Brooks and his co-driver Steve Beebee finishing very strongly. The car can be seen racing in the Stirling Moss Trophy series and at the Goodwood Revival in the Sussex Trophy.

Case Studies

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