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1949 Jaguar XK120 ‘Alloy Prototype’

We are delighted to offer this remarkably early 1949 ‘alloy’ XK120 Roadster which has been meticulously restored to every periodically correct detail by CKL. The Cream paintwork is accompanied by a rather dashing ‘Biscuit and Red’ interior trim and features a perfectly fitting black trimmed hood. The car features some subtle differences from the later production road-going XK120, from the original starting handle, chrome hood frame, door knobs at the front of the doors instead of the back and early non-adjustable hood clamps. To the trained eye, these features are particularly interesting since these designs were part of the prototype stage for very early XK120’s.

Originally distributed by Hornburg, Los Angeles in August 1949, the car would have likely been ordered by a high calibre individual or perhaps a celebrity. Importantly, being such an impeccably early car, the fact that such valuable materials and resources used to build the car only 4 years after the war should be noted. Some 15 years ago, upon its return to the UK, restoration began. CKL would recently complete the restoration, featuring a full retrim by none other than Mick Turley to the highest possible quality. Maintaining the high standard of restoration work, the XK120 would see around £200,000’s worth of time and parts thoughtfully implemented to preserve originality and present to concours standard.

The very early “studless” engine of course incorporates a pair of rare ‘stove-pipe’ SU carburettors which complete the period look. A particularly interesting detail is that the engine number is in fact stamped on the bell housing, again pointing to the early prototype stages of development. Accompanying the engine is an early type starting handle which is now stored smartly in the boot, along with the tool roll with period tools, spare wheel and jack. The brass clips to secure these items in the boot were measured and designed to be periodically correct for this XK120. The original black Californian number plate is included in the sale and is still intact as shown.

Recently involved in a high-profile photo-shoot, showing the remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail. What we are offering is an outstanding example of what can be achieved to bring a real piece of Jaguar history back to life.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any further information, or wish to arrange a viewing.

  • Price £ 295,000


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