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1956 Jaguar XK140 FHC FIA

The XK140 – General Background

The Jaguar XK140 premiered in 1954 as the successor of the XK120. The XK140 would however, retain the sleek looks of the XK120 with only a few cosmetic changes. The most noticeable changes were to the front end, with the grill being redesigned as one solid cast piece as opposed to the much thinner, individually slatted grill of the XK120. The Jaguar badge would also be incorporated into the new grill design. The side lights would become part of the body rather than the traditional chrome housing of the XK120.

Mechanically, the XK140 would see a range of upgrades from the introduction of rack and pinion steering, upgraded brakes, improved suspension travel and modern tube type shock absorbers as opposed to the older lever arm design. The interior would also see improvements designed for heightened driver comfort, with the new cabin obtaining a further 3 inches of leg room for the taller generation. Due to the expansion of the cabin, it meant that the battery could no longer be stored in the same location as the XK120. The battery would move into the wing under the inlets, making it nearly impossible to change.  The XK140 would continue to use the famous Jaguar XK straight six engine, and would now produce around 190bhp. The option was also available to install the C-type cylinder head which would bump the power up to 210bhp. It became clear that the XK140 would prove to be a formidable racer.

Finished in Jaguar British Racing Green, the Jaguar XK140 on offer is fitted with a full roll cage, competition bucket seats and comprehensive race preparation. The 3.4 race engine was built by Sigma and maintained by CKL Developments to the present day. Over the years, this car has participated in rallies and races in the hands of many serious owners and drivers. Eligible for events such as, Jaguar Heritage Classic Racing, Woodcote Trophy, Class “A” of JEC XK challenge, Le Mans Legends and is ready to continue its racing career.


This car is race prepared to FIA specifications and comes with brand new HTP papers.


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