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1969 Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6, heralded as one of Britain’s greatest ever sports cars would first go into production in 1969 and run until 1976. The British and other non-US markets certainly got the cream when it came to specifications and would enjoy a 150hp, Lucas mechanical injection system. This would soon be de-tuned to 125hp for ease of driving but in no way compromised performance. The US spec cars would all utilise the long-tested carburettor system; while this was proven to be more reliable than the fuel-injection, it would only produce 104hp. Both markets would use the 2.5L straight six engine until the end of production in 1976.

Fitted with a 4-speed manual transmission, an overdrive option could be added from the factory to give the TR6 longer legs for motorway driving. The TR6 used rack and pinion steering, independent rear suspension, front disc brakes and drums on the rear providing a fun, controllable, sporty package. Boasting a 0-60mph time of 8.2 seconds and a respectable top speed of 120mph, the TR6 should be highly considered by any serious car collectors.
The body has been re-sprayed to the original colour, while the original body panels and floor appear solid with no corrosion. The interior trim also appears original with good condition leather seats. The hood is in excellent condition both internally and externally. Under the bonnet, the engine is fitted with a Lucas fuel pump and ignition coil.

The 1969 TR6 on offer here is an excellent example of an on-the-button car which is ready to enjoy at the turn of the key.

Viewings by appointment only please.

  • Price £ 20,000


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