Jaguar C-Type 1952 Lynx (U55)

Vehicle Description
1952 JAGUAR C-TYPE 3.4 LITRE - tool room reproduction

TRIM COLOUR: Suede Green

• Exact period-correct C-Type tool room reproduction
• Lynx No. 2, built to absolutely correct specification for a 1951 production C-Type
• Incorporates many original parts
• Over 40 years of patina
• Road registered and FIA HTP

LXS 502
This period correct 1951 specification tool room C-Type was built by Lynx Engineering in 1980-1981 and recently rebuilt by CKL in 2018. In 1980 there were no replica C-Types being manufactured or any replica parts being made. This car was painstakingly built to be as close to an original C-Type as possible.

To that end, the chassis was built alongside an original C-Type example that was being restored at the same time, and checked on the same jig. It is dimensionally exactly the same as an original C-Type chassis. The body was built over a very honest and original C-Type body, literally using the Jaguar body as a buck to form the aluminium, and it perfectly mimics the quirks, subtle idiosyncrasies and asymmetry of the original production cars, formed as they were over effectively the same buck, now long lost.

The various unique components that make up an original C-Type, such as lower wishbones, steering rack and instrumentation, were not available as reproductions at the time, so Lynx used originals where possible. For instance, this car uses one original lower wishbone, but the one on the opposite side had to be remanufactured from scratch. The engine is a Jaguar 3 1/2 litre unit with a C-Type head and twin sandcast SU carburettors, the box is the correct Moss unit, and the brakes are the correct 1951 C-Type specification drums.

In 2018 CKL rebuilt the car using some parts which had for many years been used on an original C-Type, such as the perspex windscreen, hence the impressive array of event stickers. Then in August 2020, CKL road-registered the car in the UK as ‘LXS 502’ - a ‘2-door Jaguar manufactured in 1952’.

As an exact tool room copy production C-Type built over 40 years ago, the car has the presence and patina of a genuinely old and well used racing car. It also possesses a level of accuracy and faithfulness to the original C-Type - using many original parts - which could not be repeated today.

After recent preparation by CKL, it is now ready for it’s next owner. It holds a current FIA HTP, and with the benefit of being currently road registered, this car presents its new owner with the opportunity to relive the glory days of 1950s sports car racing on both road and track.

“It’s a car I would love to own.” - Chris Keith-Lucas

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