Lynx/Jaguar D-Type 1973 Road/Race (U21)

Vehicle Description
• Uprated 4.2 engine.
• 5 endurance speed records
• Aluminium body
Established in 1968, Lynx Motors started out restoring, maintaining and race preparation for repair original C-Type, D-type and XKSS’s. They went on to produce spectacular ‘tool room’ examples to a very high standard.
Original Lynx D-types are known to be the best in the world when it comes to representations of the Jaguar D-type, with accurately hand constructed panel work and authentically detailed interiors. The Lynx D-type, however, could be designed and styled to meet the needs of the driver with different versions available, whether this be for a short nose variant, with full-width screen and fitted with a 3.8 XK engine for example. Best of all, they are supremely usable.
This particular D-Type example has its own remarkable history having gained five National Endurance Speed Records on the banked test circuit at MIRA thirty years ago. Amazingly, these records still stand.
The all-Scots driving team included none other than Grand Prix legend Innes Ireland, Rally queen Louise Aitken-Walker and Hill Climb Champion Kenny Allen.

CKL are thrilled to offer 57 SAL, Lynx’s 17th D-type order and the legendary Lynx D-type which claimed those National Endurance Speed Records in 1987. The car is still in its record-breaking specification and remains completely usable either on the road or track.
57 SAL is an aluminium bodied ‘Long nose’ D-type, fitted with an uprated 4.2 engine which utilises D-type valves, cams and triple 45DCOE weber carburettors. Transmission is an all synchro 4 speed gearbox.
This car is beautifully patinated and remains in the Ecurie Ecosse Blue livery in which it set the records. It has two-door bodywork, a blue leather interior and full-width screen.

UK Endurance Speed Records taken at MIRA:
• 100 Km 138.11 MPH
• 200 Km 136.28 MPH
• 50 Miles 137.75 MPH
• 100 Miles 135.89 MPH
• 200 Miles 131.98 MPH
• 200 Miles 132.91 MPH
• Speed in 1 hour 136.58 MPH

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