Meet The Team

Individuals who are passionate about what they do...

CKL is made up of many individuals who are passionate about what they do.

We asked them some questions:

  • What got you into classic cars?
  • What do you love about your job?
  • What is your favourite car?
  • What is your favourite classic car event?
  • Tell us something about yourself that we do not know

Here is what they had to say…

The Management Team

Mark – Managing Director

  • It was a natural step of a young car mechanic that wanted more opportunities within the industry.
  • I get to meet some fantastic people and work on some brilliant cars, but my real passion is in development and getting that little bit extra out of a race car.
  • It would have to be a Jaguar XKSS. I have been very fortunate to have driven several.
  • I love the Goodwood Revival; it has a great mix of racing and nostalgia.
  • I am very keen to see the industry move forward by getting the younger generations on board, therefore I have been heavily involved in setting up the National Curriculum for the Classic Car Restoration Apprenticeship Scheme with the Heritage Skills Academy and I’m proud to be the Chairman of the Restoration Trailblazer Group.
Mark 2 Result - CKL Developments

Tim – Managing Director

  • My dad always had cars and tinkered with them, so that initially sparked my interest.
  • It’s a good environment to work in. Although I am not directly involved in the workshop, I am in constant communication with the technicians.
  • My favourite event would have to be the Goodwood Revival and if I could, I would want to arrive in a MK1 Ford Escort Mexico.
  • I am a qualified chess player for which I had to pass an exam.
Tim V2 Result - CKL Developments

Chris – Founder

  • I steered a type 35 Bugatti (without an engine in it!) down a gentle slope when I was about eight years old. I’ve been hooked ever since.
  • The job is 50% about real engineering, and 50% about real people.
  • Favourite car must be a short nose BRG D type.
  • Favourite event is the Spa Six Hours weekend.
  • It is not only cars with me. I also have a 120-year-old motorboat, in good working order.
Chris Result - CKL Developments

The Workshop Team – in no particular order

Tom – Storage, Media and Motorsport Administration

  • The Goodwood Revival started my passion. I first attended at 15, which drove me into the classic car world. I eventually started my Apprenticeship with CKL in 2015 and progressed my career to where I am now.
  • Having the privilege to be around and drive the cars on a daily basis.
  • The Jaguar D type ‘Short nose’.
  • E type 60. It had a great atmosphere, and we supported some incredibly historic Jaguars.
  • I am an avid clay shooter and a Lanber ‘over under’ is my gun of choice.
Tom Result - CKL Developments

Bruce – Purchasing Manager

  • My Grandad got me into classic cars. I have liked them for as long as I can remember.
  • I get to work in a great environment surrounded by some great cars.
  • Jaguar E type Series 1 4.2 OTS, end of story.
  • I loved the recent E type 60 event at Shelsley Walsh. It was a sea of E types.
  • I also love motorbikes and I am a Marshall at the Isle of Man TT and have been since 2013. I also play guitar and my claim to fame is that my old band secured a record deal. No, unfortunately you would not have heard of us.
Bruce Result - CKL Developments

Jörn – Apprentice

  • Owning and maintaining my 1968 Volvo Amazon.
  • The opportunities to work on some spectacular cars as well as learning classic car mechanics from my colleagues and at the Heritage Skills Academy, Brooklands Museum.
  • Bristol 404.
  • Mille Miglia.
  • I enjoy long distance hiking and had planned to hike the 211-mile John Muir trail, but COVID got in the way.
Jorn Result - CKL Developments

Tony – Workshop Technician

  • My father used to be into his cars, and I inherited it from him.
  • It is a great environment to work in with like-minded people.
  • A Jaguar XK120 FHC or Lancia Aurelia B20 GT Series IV.
  • Without a doubt, the Goodwood Revival.
  • I used to be a keen cycle racer and have scaled many European mountain ranges. Now in my spare time, I teach photography.
Tony V2 Result - CKL Developments

Dave – Race & Workshop Technician

  • I worked on modern cars for a long while but have always been a fan of classic cars, then a friend pointed me in the direction of CKL. That was 13 years ago.
  • Working on all these amazing cars, it’s a privilege.
  • D type, no question.
  • Has to be Le Mans Classic.
  • My proudest moment was the birth of my beautiful daughter.
Dave Result - CKL Developments

Jim – Race & Workshop Technician

  • Always loved air-cooled VWs and Porsches.
  • Racing and everything to do with it. Preparing the car, speaking with the driver to make final adjustments and seeing the great results, hopefully.
  • VW Type 34 Razor Edge Ghia.
  • The best event I have done was the Mille Miglia when I supported a customer there. Very tiring but worth it.
  • I own a tractor, it’s a 1952 Ferguson and a Moped, a 1963 NSU Quickly. It does not live up to its name.
Jim Result - CKL Developments

Toby – Race & Workshop Technician

  • My dad is a farmer but was always buying Minis, lots of them. I used to watch him fix them.
  • The cars we get to work on are very special and the travel opportunities with the racing are great.
  • My AE86 Toyota.
  • Le Mans Classic.
  • Sadly, my job is also my pastime. I am currently restoring my A35 plus a few Renault 5’s.
Toby 2 Result - CKL Developments

Mark – Race Team Co-ordinator & Workshop Technician

  • Always been a massive fan of classic race cars. More noise and they are real drivers cars. You are the ABS and the traction control.
  • What I really enjoy most, is seeing the progression of the owner drivers during each race season.
  • Sorry CKL it’s not a Jaguar. For me, it has to be a Ferrari F40.
  • Le Mans Classic. Amazing.
  • Achieved my dream of racing cars as a driver since 2017, from a novice to a class championship winner. Before that, I was a regular kart club racer around the UK tracks.
Ckl Content Page Boy Image Servicing And Upgrades 1 V2 Result - CKL Developments

John – Senior Panel Shop Technician

  • My college tutor. I left college and started working for him as he subcontracted work from Lynx. That is where I first met Chris (Keith-Lucas).
  • Making the impossible possible. Impossible I can do straight away; miracles take a little longer.
  • A Lister or XKSS. I have saved a few in my time.
  • Le Mans Classic.
  • I am an avid gardener.
John Result - CKL Developments

We are always keen to hear from people who share our passion and want to join the team – from apprentices to highly skilled individuals – Click here to email us your CV

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