Repair & Restoration

Constantly producing work to the highest standard...

Whether a minor repair or a complete, nut-and-bolt, concours-standard restoration, we have the experience as well as the facilities to produce work of the highest standard.

Repair work

We all know accidents can happen. The good news however is that our team of skilled technicians can undo that mishap and return your car to its former glory, ready for the road or track.

From our state-of-the-art premises, we are able to repair damage to your car’s bodywork, paint, mechanicals and interior providing a one-stop-shop which brings efficiency, control and most importantly peace of mind to our customers.

We can repair the most severely damaged aluminium and steel bodywork that many might view as unrepairable, usually preserving the irreplaceable original metal and safeguarding the provenance of the car.

Chassis repair and fabrication is carried out to the very highest standards, utilising the correct materials and welding techniques appropriate to each individual car. In the rare cases where damage is too severe, we can make new steel or aluminium panels from scratch.

We have all the traditional panel beating equipment such as wheeling machines and bending rolls, as well as oxyacetylene, arc, spot and TIG arc welding capabilities. From the simplest repair to a complete rebuild, we have the skills and the experience to do your project justice.

Over the years, our craftsmen have repaired and restored some of the most sought-after historic cars from around the world.

Different approaches to restoration

There are several differing approaches to the restoration and maintenance of classic cars that can be appropriate, depending on the characteristics of the car in question and the priorities of each customer.

Before commencing work, we discuss and agree a restoration strategy with each customer, weighing up the car’s level of originality, its value, the customer’s preferences and our best advice.

A conservation approach may be the optimal course of action for a particularly original car, or perhaps a full concours restoration might be more to the customer’s wishes. For other cars, we might explore a range of performance upgrades within the restoration programme and we are happy to consider all options.

While it is not a prerequisite, we are always pleased when our customers can take an active interest in the progress of the restoration, pay regular progress visits and discuss the details of the project with us as it moves forward.

In any case, the customer will receive regular progress reports and it is also always our policy to document the restoration with a large number of detailed technical photographs of the entire process from beginning to end.

The conservation approach

We are proud that CKL has helped to pioneer and develop many of the conservation techniques that are an increasingly important part of classic car restoration work today. Originality is something that money just can’t buy and we specialise in applying these techniques to maintain that irreplaceable originality, which gives a special car its unique feel and supports its provenance.

More and more people now appreciate the value of cars that have not been over-restored and that retain the patina acquired over the years. Our team is able to preserve that history while weighing up the safety and reliability aspects of the job. Where repairs or new parts or materials are needed, we painstakingly integrate them into the car to maintain the look and feel of the original. Paint finishes and patination, authentic riveting and welding techniques, the right choice and treatment of leather and fabric; all of these are carefully considered and applied to give the result that you want.

The non-conservation approach

Not every car requires a conservation approach, and many customers appreciate the aesthetics and practicality of a car restored to “as new” condition. In this case, a different restoration approach can then be appropriate and equally valid.

We can restore the car to achieve the condition and appearance it had on day one when it left the factory and, in many cases, improve on the original manufacturer’s standards of finish, reliability and corrosion protection.

This may take some initial research and then will certainly employ our detailed knowledge of original specifications, equipment, surface finishes and so on, to get it one hundred percent right.

Our concours restorations

If “as new” is not enough, we can also produce prize-winning restorations to the very highest concours standards. Over the years, many awards have been won by cars prepared to concours level by CKL Developments.

We have invested in our workforce to ensure that the quality of our restorations is second to none, combining deep knowledge of what is “right” with the skills and techniques to create showstopping work.

Getting every detail exactly right from parts and materials to the right techniques and the correct finishes are all crucial in producing the best outcome. We take enormous care to do the job in the right way and in partnership with our customers, to make sure the final product is perfect for them.

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