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Race preparation

Race preparation really falls into two distinct areas. The first we might call “Race-Worthiness” while the second is “Race Development”. The former area includes preparing the car to be safe to race, giving all-round attention to condition, wear and tear, crack detection, providing effective safety equipment like harnesses, fire systems, dealing with FIA HTP papers to ensure the car is allowed to race, and meeting all statutory FIA scrutineering requirements.

Then we provide an on-going process between each race meeting to check the post-event condition before moving on to service and prepare the car for the next event. This requires a very organised approach and good record-keeping. If major components like body, engine, gearbox or transmission are found to require any attention at this point, then our in-house departments will step in to carry out any necessary repairs.

Race Development is then a step beyond this. Some drivers will be happy with the car as they know it and are content for us to simply maintain it on a race-by-race basis, to stay in good safe and competitive condition.

Other customers may want to develop their car to move them up the grid, or better still, up the podium. Here our experience and engineering knowledge helps us to stay within the tight historic racing rules but get the very best out of the car. These development projects are rarely a one-off job, being more of a journey undertaken in partnership with the customer over a period of time. This can be highly rewarding as our recent track successes demonstrate.

Developing a more competitive driving technique is also a factor here. We typically fit our cars with data-gathering systems like V-box or Stack systems, so that not only is a record of the car and driver’s performance kept, but it is available for analysis and input from our customer’s pro-driver partners, to hone their driving skills.

Race support

Our race support service can sometimes start at the most basic point of suggesting what race series might particularly suit the customer and car, and then helping them register to race with the relevant organisers. As the race day approaches, by arrangement we can complete and submit the necessary race entry forms, if the customer would prefer not to deal with these themselves.

The primary aim from there is to get the prepared car, your dedicated race technician, spares, tyres and so on to the race venue on our transport. However, our service can extend to booking accommodation, and if required bringing our customer’s personal helmet, overalls and race gear, which we clean for them between race weekends.

During the race weekend, we normally set up our large CKL race truck and awning where the cars are housed, repaired and maintained. There we also provide an area where customers can relax and socialise. We provide fresh fruit, mineral water, tea, coffee and snacks to keep them going.

As well as providing your dedicated race technician, who will look after the car in the paddock and pits, they will give pit signals and carry out lap-timing.

We take the load for you by dealing with the sometimes-tiresome process of scrutineering, whether in the conventional scrutineering bay or the new online system. All this is carried out at a standard day rate and although this is a business relationship, we try never to forget the whole process is meant to be fun for the customer!

After the race, we have a de-brief between customer and mechanic to ensure any vehicle issues which appeared during the race are caught and dealt with.

We will then transport your car back to our workshops, to allow us to resume the cycle of our standard post-event and pre-event preparation. We will keep you notified of any mechanical issues that reveal themselves and provide cost estimates to rectify them.

Event support

There are, of course, a range of non-race events where we can also provide valuable support. These range from top concours events to car shows to classic rallies, both social and competitive.

We are therefore happy to help with event entries, liaising with the organisers, preparation of the car, organising logistics, looking after the car at the venue, booking accommodation, preparation of story boards, in fact whatever needs doing to make the event work for you.

In the case of events like Tour Auto or Mille Miglia, peace of mind comes in the shape of a competent CKL chase crew armed with tools, spares and resourcefulness to provide the mechanical back-up and servicing you will need over the several days of the event.

Experience allows us to deal with applications for the Mille Miglia’s unique “Registro” authentication papers, as well as the FIVA papers required for competitive Historic Rallying.

Race training

The value of race training should never be underestimated. However quick we think we are, there are always improvements we can make to get our lap times down. Sometimes it is just a matter of brushing up our technique and getting rid of acquired bad habits. Sometimes new skills need to be learnt. However, regardless of the specifics, it is always a stimulating and rewarding process. If we become more competent and relaxed behind the wheel, we will enjoy the whole experience more. CKL works with several of the very best specialist historic pro-drivers and we have consequently witnessed some spectacular gains made by many of our customers.

Race training can come in a number of different forms. One way is for our race coaches to accompany you to races and test days and instruct not only by sitting in with you, but by using data-logging equipment such as V-Box, where they can compare your laps in detail against a reference lap that they have recorded in your car earlier in the day. Another method is residential courses at a circuit using their training cars and concerted one-to-one instruction. We have seen both systems work excellently.

CKL Developments run their own private track days and test days for friends and customers, several times a year, typically at Goodwood. This gives a wonderful opportunity to stretch your car’s legs, find out what it is capable of and to take advantage of classic-friendly instructors who we make available during the day as part of the package.

Our track days in particular are suitable for both classic road cars and their race-prepared brethren!

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